tayground, founded by Taylor Ryerson, is a fashion brand out of New York that creates eclectic pieces to bridge the gap between avant garde and ready-to-wear. The brand started with the signature, tayground uniform, a structured silhouette that embodies sharp shoulders, triangular and circle shapes, and mostly vinyl as the medium. These uniforms were worn to many festivals in New York where they first started to catch the eyes of media outlets such as W Magazine, Vogue Russia, GQ, Cosmopolitan and many more. The brand grew from here into catering to both men and women – with button-ups, utility pants and more styles that emulate the tayground aesthetic. All tayground designs are inspired by geometric shapes, bold colors, ’70s mod-interiors, numerous Stanley Kubrick films and the personal will to never give up. Each piece stems confidence in the wearer, creates joy, and transport the consumer into the future.

Taylor brought her Bachelor of Arts degree and informal sewing skills from Arizona to New York at the age of 21. She spent many years paying her dues in the city, learning the business, and designing along the way. Her years in Corporate Manhattan and specifically the E-Commerce industry, has taught her the necessary skills to build, scale, and run a business, that which she loves just as much as being behind the sewing machine.